Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The wedding of Tara and Andy in Mexico

This is Tara's story~
I always wanted the traditional wedding but as I got older I started to change my mind and being that I am such a beach person I chose destination wedding!!! A destination wedding if it is right for you is the most amazing thing in the world!!! It is truly magical to be outside looking at the bright blue Caribbean ocean and smelling the fresh air with the wind blowing in your hair as you join in marriage and state your vows to each other.To get to spend a week with your closest friends and family in the Caribbean can't be beat!!!  
The joining of two families and friends from both sides was great to watch. Everyone really got a chance to bond. To leave COLD COLD Michigan in February and go to the warm Caribbean to celebrate life and love was incredible!I know the stress my friends have had with their weddings and I thought having a destination would ease the stress, NOT TRUE! I think any bride will always stress about their special day, but there is no reason to. I had no reason to stress.

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular and the Wedding Department at Dreams Riviera Cancun. They were AWESOME. They truly know what they are doing and really, you just need to answer some questions and it all comes together without a hitch!!!
It rained on my wedding day during the reception about 40 minutes before it was over and we were outside on the pool deck. To me a destination wedding would not be the same if we were indoors due to inclement weather. It started to rain on us and we danced and enjoyed ourselves. To me nothing could ruin the amazing day on the beach with sand in my toes!! 
It was the time of my life and I still have a smile as big as ever!!!

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