Saturday, February 26, 2011

Giving, to make the world better!

Founded in 2005, the is a New York City based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower underserved youth with a sound financial foundation. Now more than ever this organization is needed to break a generational cycle and to change the way youth, ages 12-18, view money by equipping them with 5 tenets for a financially responsible life: learn, earn, save, invest and donate.
The Youth Business School was founded in 2009 for graduating youth who desire to become entrepreneurs. Youth attend such courses as, entrepreneur mindsets, legalities of business, creating a management team, marketing, accounting and business pitches.  
Since being introduced to this organization a few years ago, I was, and still am amazed at the level of commitment Sabrina  has given to this cause, and how the participants of this program have endeavored to work, study, and be the best that they can be. As a photographer who feels very fortunate and blessed, I feel that it is important to give back to causes like this. I have benefited tremendously from just being within ear-shot of these amazing people.
This slide show contains photos from their tour of The White House, The Pentagon, and The Frederick Douglas House, amongst other places. 

Untitled from Nick Carter on Vimeo.

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