Thursday, March 10, 2011

Improve your relationship, make SOFRITO!!!!!

I was a professional guitarist, I am now a professional photographer. If I were to choose any other profession, I'd be a professional chef. I LOVE TO COOK!
If you'd like to impress your significant other, cook your next meal with homemade Sofrito. It is a base for cooking any meal, and just a few tablespoons in your cooking preparation will make your dish orgasmic, yep, it's that good! You can buy Sofrito in a jar at the store but forget about it, save your money!...duhhhh...losing!!!
There are varying ways to make it, but I learned from some very special folks from the Island of Puerto Rico and added my own little touches. I made a batch today and here is how I made it;
Since I am a photographer I decided to photograph the ingredients and tonight's dinner.
1. (1) Large onion
2. (1) Red bell pepper
3. (1) Container of peeled garlic (about 50 cloves)
4. (1) Package of Ajicito Dulce peppers (look in any spanish market) Remove the seeds!
5. (1) Bunch of Cilantro
6. (1) Bunch of Culantro (look in any spanish market)

Mix all of the ingredients in a large blender with a hint of salt and vinegar. Mix it until it has the consistency of baby food, that's it! You can use Sofrito as a base for almost any savory meal. Today I made a batch of Sofrito and decided to make a pot of Arroz con gandules, (rice and beans) for dinner tonight.
Arroz con Gandules

  • Saute 1/2 cup of Sofrito in 2 Tbsp. of olive oil in heated pan
  • Add gandules, meat (optional), olives, 1 packet of Sazon, 1/8 cup of tomato sauce and/or Coconut milk for 15 min.  
  • Add rice and boiling water, salt and pepper. Cook on medium heat with top on half-way. Cook until you hear a slight burning on the bottom.
Buen provecho!!!

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