Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Wedding of Virginia and Craig

Virginia and Craig exchanged vows at the Fordham University Chapel in the Bronx, in New York. They celebrated with the families and guests at the Bronxville Women's Club in Bronxville, NY. They were entertained by the hot sounds of the Times Square Orchcestra.
After a honeymoon in St.Thomas, Virginia and Craig had a chance to reflect on their wedding day and were gracious in sharing some of what they learned;
Virginia- "If it rains on your wedding day enjoy it anyway. Make sure you have a change of shoes, and make sure your best man has a tee shirt"
Craig- "Be calm and smile! Prepare the tips in advance in marked envelopes, THEN give them to your best man"

DRESS- Bridal World
FLOWERS- Arcadia Floral
BAND- Times Square Orchestra
LIMO- Top Class Limo Services

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pamela and Jean got married!

Pamela and Jean were married at the beautiful St. Patricks Old Cathedral in lower Manhattan. This dynamic couple is just as beautiful inside as they are outside. They celebrated their wedding with their guests at the Elite Palace in Queens, NY.
Congratulations to Pamela and Jean on a wonderful wedding!!