Sunday, May 9, 2010

I love you, we're getting married, it will cost HOW MUCH???

A wedding CAN be EXPENSIVE!! Flowers and dresses and limo's, oh my! Traditionally, the parents of the bride bore the financial burden of a wedding, but over time common sense found it's way into the tradition, and now the grooms parent and the engaged couple shared the expense.
By nature, men don't and never will understand why so much money has to be spent just for 1 day, even though it's a wedding.... there's a down payment on a house! Nothing has changed with respect to this fact.
Watch, The Catered Affair, a movie from 1956 starring Betty Davis and Ernest Borgnine. This movie explores these money issues in a comical but realistic way. Rent it, buy it or watch it on TCM. You will all laugh, and the ladies will say, "oh goodness he's so cheap!", and the guys will say, "yes, the father is right, and she' s nuts!" In the end hopefully you will both say, "I love you"

The Catered Affair

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