Monday, April 12, 2010

Fashion hater and proud of it!!

I must admit, I HATE the fashion industry. From having watched a few episodes of America's Next Top Model to the runway shows on 6th, I can truly say that I am no fan. I will however say that it is incredibly rewarding to do a fashion shoot or headshot session with a person who thinks that they are too heavy, short or ugly, and then make them look and feel great like they never have before, with a photograph!
When young girls and woman are constantly being saturated with the message that they have to be thin, and that their hair has to look like that, just be yourself! Be the best YOU can be. Thank goodness Tyra Banks got rid of those rediculous wigs. She is so beautiful without them. I really like Tyra Banks and the good that she does, but she was sending mixed messages.

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