Monday, May 9, 2011

What every bridesmaid needs to know!


So, you're going to be a bridesmaid and you have no clue of what the JOB entails. Perhaps you've considered watching the movie, Bridesmaids to get a few pointers....NOT! I have NEVER been a bridesmaid, haha! but as a photographer who has shot at least 500 weddings, I have observed and listened to brides and bridesmaids tell their stories.  Here are a few tips on what I have learned.
  1. Hire Nick Carter Photography as the photographer!
  2. It is an honor to be selected to be a bridesmaid.
  3. Remember that your job is an important support role, support your bride!
  4. If you have children, hire a baby sitter on the wedding day if you can.
  5. The bride will probably be a bit out of character as the wedding day approaches due to stress. She would really appreciate your understanding, and did I mention, "support".
  6. Yes, you will have to pay for your own dress, even though it makes you look fat, and it's not your color!
  7. You will have to pay for your flight and hotel if it is a destination wedding.
  8. Be honest with the bride and let her know if you cannot afford to be a bridesmaid. You can help in other capacities. 
  9. Don't embarrass yourself or the bride and her family because you've had too much to drink, especially if you have a give a toast.
  10. DO NOT sleep with any of the groomsmen, especially if you are married, they ALWAYS kiss and tell.

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